Enhance the visual effect of your project...

Prior to post-production and filming we bring in our visual effects team to consult with key creative personnel on the best methods for achieving our desired results. Although most graphics and special effects are completed during post production, many of the visual effects are discussed in the early stages of pre-production.

The Purpose

Almost every production needs a graphic look or design, along with various elements like a company logo, to coordinate with their media. A specific graphic look or identity can have a huge impact on the final video. It gives it an emotional feel and a psychological branding for the message or the product.

No Limitations On Imagination

Special effects can often involve the integration of live action footage and computer generated imagery to create scenarios that look realistic, but would be difficult to capture on video.

Go As Far As You Can Dream...

No matter the genre or subject matter, WST's visual effects team combines state-of-the-art technology with good old fashioned imagination to achieve visuals as mind-blowing as our writers and directors can dream.



No matter the genre or subject matter, WST's visual effects team combines state-of-the-art technology with good old fashioned imagination to achieve visuals as mind-blowing as our writers and directors can dream.

Video Editing

Great video editing is a form of art carefully delivered from a master of the craft. It can be approached from many different perspectives and having the right video editor is a critical decision for any video project. As masters of the craft, our team of professional video editors can intensify drama and emotion, using image and sound to transform a myriad of disparate creative elements into a masterpiece.


We use previsualization to take pre-production of visually-complex sequences to the next creative level. Before the shoot begins, our directors, cinematographers, art directors, and editors previsualize complete scenes virtually using 2D, 3D, music, sound effects and dialogue. We test out composition, camera angles, lighting and staging, as well as preview locations, sets, props and costumes. Motion Retouching

Motion Graphics

Go beyond your wildest dreams with high-quality motion graphics that can take a video from the ordinary to the extraordinary, while also enhancing its underlying message and theme. Our experienced team of art directors, motion designers, video editors, animators, and motion graphic artists utilize the most advanced hardware and software to create 2D and 3D graphic sequences as amazing as you can dream.

Motion Retouching

Motion retouching gives your video a finished look by removing "blemishes" from the film. Each frame is carefully altered, resulting in the perfect video illusion. There is nothing our skilled and experienced motion retouchers cannot improve.

Stereoscopic 3D

Create a completely immersive experience with Stereoscopic 3D. We will work with you in pre-production to determine how your ideas can best be delivered through 3D. By previsualizing live action 3D scenes and mapping focal length and parallax information, we will help shape your vision, while saving time and keep the project within budget. During production we'll assist on the set to be sure you’re getting the full benefit of the medium. With real time monitoring, you’ll see exactly what’s being shot in full 3D.


3d animation

3D animation, or computer animation, creates the illusion of movement using a sequence of still images generated from three-dimensional data. Using this amazing digital process there is unlimited creative freedom in what we can create for you.
3D animation is also a lower-cost alternative to using actors, expensive set pieces, or props, making this method desirable for a multitude of projects. It allows us to create images not possible with other technology, and can provide a photorealistic model at any angle. We offer a full range of 3D animation services, including:
  • Character Animations
  • Real-time Rendering
  • Modeling
  • Rigging
  • Texturing
  • Photorealistic animation
  • Concept designs
  • 3D models

Whether it’s through a computer or a practical solution, each visual effect is carefully planned, tested, choreographed, and perfected with the project’s director, creative director, and cinematographer.

Visual effects like digital matte paintings, set extensions, digital crowds, and computer-generated characters enhance the reality unbeknownst to the viewer. Other visual effects such as rotoscoping and 3D animation can expose the viewer to a new world, juxtaposing live action with fantasy.

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