The WST Global Productions team is led by the guidance of Twon A. YoungBlood. The company's personnel are a collection of talented individuals with years and varied experience in concert promotions, entertainment productions, real estate, and finance industries. These highly skilled individuals are professionally trained and dedicated to the success of the projects.

Twon A. YoungBloodHead of Strategic Execution | Chief Executive Officer | Founder

The Head of Strategic Execution, CEO, founder and chairman, Twon A. YoungBlood, brings more than two decades of entertainment productions, media, real estate and financial experience to the WST Global Productions organization. Commencing in the mid 1990's, Mr. YoungBlood has directly overseen the many aspects of concert promotions, corporate marketing & real estate investments including the purchase of the talent, venue, planning, production, and live entertainment of both outside festivals and inside properties throughout the United States. Mr. YoungBlood has completed large scale national tours, operator, night club management.

Infamous on the west coast for his persistence as a promoter, skilled business negotiator with style and imagination---thinking his "logic out weighs your knowledge" Mr. YoungBlood split his entertainment productions comany into two companies, a real estate investment company represents one facet of the business empire and the entertainment arm as the original trademark vision gained prominence as a trendsetter in the high-end nightclub, lounge, and concert industries. He is well known for his highly successful, innovative ventures with his responsibilities creative financing solutions that have incorporated the full gamut of real estate investor, for build out and brokerage, of wholesale, rehab, buy and flip or buy and hold for long-term cash investment deals, including residential tract homes, town homes, high end custom homes, condo communities development and income producing properties.

Mr. YoungBlood's investment strategy "success is his mindset" reviewing various public equity and fixed income markets across the globe & invests in the alternative investments markets, investing in real estate and private equity by utilizing a combination of equity participation value and an opportunistic leveraging approach utilizes his experience, knowledge and creativity as well as the professionals that make up his team. His superb management skills and his ability to initiate, negotiate and execute major development transactions are the foundations for his excellent reputation in the real estate community.

Mr. YoungBlood's philosophy of the two companies function as a whole, in that they both support each other’s customers business needs, they each serve a distinctly separate part of the industry. WST Global Investments focus on real estate projects and creative financing solutions services, while WST Global Productions provides its expertise to the realm of concert promotions, entertainment production, multimedia, special events company. His relationships in the music, entertainment, and marketing industry span decades.


Aaron Geathers Head of Strategic Finance | Sr. Corporate Controller of Finance | Original Founding
Kamalu GonzalesHead of Strategic Operations | Chief Operations Officer | Original Founding
Russell Collings ESQ.Chief Legal & Fiduciary
Jessica WashingtonHead of Creative Operations | Corporate Secretary | Executive
Hollyn RookhuyzenHead of Product Management | General Manager-Operations
John CamineroHead of Strategy / Exec. Director of Corporate Development and Entertainment (Latin America)
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